Posted on: March 16, 2021

Philips Ledinaire Waterproof

WT050C LED43S/840 PSU L1500

 Ledinaire Waterproof – Simply great LED

 The Ledinaire range contains a selection of popular off-the-shelf LED luminaires that comes with the high Philips quality levels at a competitive price. Reliable, energy efficient and affordable – just what you need.


  • Philips quality and reliability
  • Diffuse comfortable light
  • Energy saving


  • Robust (IK08) and waterproof (IP65) luminaire
  • Mounting bracket can be positioned over full length of luminaire
  • Multiple lengths and light levels available


  • Covered car parks
  • (Cold) storage rooms
  • Industrial halls (up to 4 m in height)

Posted on: March 15, 2021

Pacific LED Green Parking

WT470X LED35S/840 VWB ACW TC5 L1600

Pacific LED Green Parking – combine safety with savings

Lighting is needed in parking garages to provide safety and guidance. However, because it is not possible to predict exactly when light will be needed, the lighting is often left on. As a result, lighting energy costs can be as high as 70% of the total operational costs of a parking garage. Based on the newest LED technology and optics, Pacific LED Green Parking with presence-detection controls is an innovative, flexible and fully retrofit system for parking operators who want to reduce their energy consumption and the related COemissions – without compromising the safety and comfort that lighting offers parking garage users.


  • Energy savings of up to 80% compared to fluorescent are achievable, without compromising on safety
  • Full system warranty; service offer possible for 10 years guarantee
  • Fully retrofit system, no need for new cables; easy commissioning with self-addressing


  • Latest LED technology and optics
  • Robust components and system
  • Offered as a complete system only
  • Energy-efficient, and extended system lifetime due to dimming capability – ensuring good return on investment
  • Easy installation due to wireless controls, sensors and easy commissioning with self-addressing


  • Parking garages

Posted on: March 14, 2021

Essential Smartbright T5 Batten

BN058C LED11/WW L1200


Philips BN058 offers exceptional value. It is Perfect for your everyday lighting installations. It provides quality light and substantial energy and maintenance savings.

BN058 Batten provide flexibility to customer to choose from 3 CCT and 4 different size and lumen packages, based on their specific need.


  • Slim and trunkable, integrated design
  • Polycarbonate housing with one pc extrusion process
  • Slim profile: Ideal for task lighting / cove lighting applications


  • 15,000 hrs life, L70/B50
  • 4 lengths, 3 colors Increased number of options for easy application
  • 1 Year warranty
  • CRI 70, SDCM < 7, 85lm/W
  • Mounting accessories included


  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Offices
  • General industry

Posted on: March 13, 2021

Essential Smartbright T8 Batten

BN016C LED8/WW L600 G2

Philips BN016 offers exceptional value. It is Perfect for your everyday lighting installations. It provides quality light and substantial energy and maintenance savings.

BN016 Batten provide flexibility to customer to choose from 3 CCT and 2 different size and lumen packages, based on their specific need.


  • Slim and integrated design –
  • Polycarbonate housing with one pc extrusion process
  • Standalone Batten: both Surface and suspended mounting


  • 15,000 hrs life, L70/B50•1 Year warranty
  • 2 lengths, 3 colors Increased number of options for easy application
  • CRI 70, SDCM < 7, 100 lm/W
  • Mounting accessories included


  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Offices

Posted on: March 12, 2021

Coreline Slim Batten

BN126C LED22S/840 PSU L600

The new Philips Coreline slim batten offers exceptional value. It is perfect for your everyday lighting installations. Available in 3 standard sizes, and 2 CCTs to provide flexibility to customer.

The new Coreline slim batten is slim design and come in 3 sizes and 2 CCT choices based on specific customer needs.


  • Slim and Robust design
  • 50K Hours Life L70B50
  • 5 Years warranty


  • Energy efficient with long service life. (50 000 hours – L70)
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • IP20, IK04
  • CRI80
  • 3 Different sizes L600/L1200/L1500 and 2 Different CCT (4000K/6500K) choices


  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Parking Garages

Posted on: March 11, 2021

Philips Greenperform Batten

Energy-efficient lighting for industrial and commercial applications


GreenPerform Batten BN208C Dali is a high quality LED batten that delivers significant energy savings of up to 50% comparing to conventional T8 battens. BN208X incorporates the reliable structure, long lifetime LED lighting, and the global standard ZigBee control system, to achieve an easy-to-use networked solution. In the mean time, it helps to further increase energy saving maximum to 80% with daylight harvest and occupancy sensor.


  • High energy saving – up to 50% comparing to TL-8 batten
  • Comfort light with accurate colour
  • Safe and reliable
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Networking lighting


  • System efficacy 117lm/W, 4000/6000lm
  • Frosted PC cover, CRI 80
  • Lifetime 50Khrs @L70, CB/EMC/CE/ASNZ
  • Suit for surface and suspension mounting
  • Actilume Wireless 4.1+PIR/DDR sensor


  • General Lighting
  • Cove Lighting
  • Indoor Parking

Warning & Safety

  • The product is IPX0 & as such is not protected against water ingress & as such we strongly recommend that the environment in which the luminaire is to be installed is suitably checked
  • If the above advice is not taken and the luminaires are subject to water ingress, Philips / Signify cannot guarantee safe failure & product warranty will become void

Posted on: March 10, 2021

CoreLine Trunking Gen2

CoreLine Trunking Gen2 – Innovative LED light lines have never been so simple

Coreline Trunking Gen2 – Power supply unit – Wide beam – 84° x 84°

CoreLine Trunking Gen2 is a light-line system that is designed for simplicity. It comes in a choice of lengths, flux packages and beam shapes to suit every project and application. Easy to use and integrate with spots and sensors, CoreLine Trunking Gen2 provides consistent, high-quality lighting with added protection against accidental water ingress. The innovative system is also easy to assemble and install for faster retrofits and refurbishments.


  • Optimized, efficient design and light effect
  • Choice of lengths, flux and beams shapes
  • Consistent, high-quality light – no Color over Angle or striping artefacts
  • Improved light continuity
  • InterAct ready for enhanced use in Retail and Industry applications
  • Easy to order, assemble and install


  • Intuitive, single layer architecture – only 2 12NCs needed to create a line
  • Choice of 3 lengths, each with 3 flux packages
  • Dedicated sensor units to upgrade to InterAct system propositions
  • 8 different optics with consistent light quality
  • Lumen maintenance @ 50,000 hours – L80
  • Available as trunking and standalone versions


  • CoreLine Trunking Gen2 has dedicated sensor modules for integration with InterAct connected lighting innovations for Retail and Industry.


  • Warehouses
  • Food and Large Retailers
  • Manufacturing



Posted on: March 9, 2021

Green Perform Prime

BY515P LED100S 5700 NB PSU GR

An engineering marvel designed to deliver

In an age where sustainability, high performance/productivity standards and building unique identities are the top priorities for businesses, GreenPerform Prime provides an unmatched highbay solution for a wide range of applications like warehousing, manufacturing, other industrial applications, atriums, airport concourse, sports halls, etc.GreenPerform Prime not only guarantees assured performance but also fits stylishly into diverse design plans. Apart from the unique look and feel, it offers best in class system efficacy, superior light quality, multiple beam angles, and glare control to provide the users with nothing less than the best in the industry.


  • Suitable for use in harsh Industrial environment
  • Option of multiple optics and lumen packages providing application flexibility.
  • Best in class efficacy and Quality lighting leads to lowering total cost of opportunity.
  • High quality material and design leads to longer life class for luminaire


  • Ingress Protection -IP65
  • Impact Resistance IK08
  • Inbuilt encapsulated Potted Driver
  • Designed for operations under diverse environment from -10˚C to 50˚C
  • Life class is 50000 hours (L70B50 @ Ta45˚C)
  • Unique round shape design for excellent thermal stability
  • Pressure die-cast housing offers excellent corrosion-resistance and robustness.
  • System efficiency 150 lm/W
  • Three Beam Angles Extra Narrow beam (ENB30⁰) Narrow beam (NB60⁰), and Wide Beam (WB90⁰)
  • High Voltage Cutoff @ 325 ± 15V with Auto Restart feature
  • Internal Surge Protection 4KV


  • Manufacturing
  • Arena and Sports
  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Small Manufacturing facilities

Warning & Safety

  • Meant for use in Indoor environment only

Posted on: March 8, 2021

GreenPerform DN391/392/393/394/395

Dimmable high Performance LED downlight for indoors

GreenPerform is a high performance Led downlight family suitable for use in a series of Lighting applications in Office, Retail and General Area Lighting. Available in a wide variety of lumen packs, color temp and options of all type of dimming(Phase Cut/Analogue/DALI), GreenPerform becomes the perfect solution for downlight applications for professional users.


  • Multiple options in Dimming
  • Wide range of lumen pack and CCT
  • Long life of 50K hours
  • High colour consistency


  • Aluminium heat sink for better heat dissipation
  • Higher life class of 50K burning hour
  • Available in both Dimming & fixed output
  • Low Energy consumption- High Efficacy more than 100lm/ Watt
  • Suitable for low ceiling heights
  • Wide range of lumen packs ( 600lm-2000lm)


  • Office Lighting
  • Shop/Showroom Lighting
  • Corridor Lighting
  • Meeting & conference room lighting
  • Reception & general area Lighting

Warning & Safety

  • Meant for use in Indoor environment only

Posted on: March 7, 2021

FlexBlend, Surface Mounted

FlexBlend heading the way to efficient and flexible furnished offices areas

Philips FlexBlend is an attractive family of surface mounted and suspended luminaires, next to Flexblend recessed. The luminaire range is enabling building owners to advance their lighting operations, by offering office-compliant lighting with a return on investment of less than 3 to 4 years.FlexBlend provides the required flexibility through the adaptability in design. This gives the possibility to install the luminaires easily in the field, at any moment. Even when todays luminaire is suspended, tomorrow this can be adapted to a surface mounted installation at the venue. And the other way around. The surface mounted and suspended luminaire range fit to many different office spaces like open plan office, corridors, reception or meeting rooms.FlexBlend is offered in both lines and as standalone, using the same lighting module. This gives the option to the users to use FlexBlend as standalone now, and tomorrow, as line. The controller is integrated in the luminaire.As technology is changing fast, the ideal lighting solution is also expected to be ready to incorporate innovations that can help optimize operations further. For this reason, FlexBlend holds all connectivity and future ready options available. As System Ready luminaire it can be paired with lighting management systems such as the Philips SpaceWise, and to software-based lighting systems as Interact Office wired (PoE) and Interact Office wireless and/or existing and upcoming sensor innovations. The luminaire range is therefore future ready and can be delivered without any system component, and in a next phase, in the field to be upgraded. An attractive opportunity for new installations and renovations.


  • Return of investment less than 3 years
  • A flexible office, with application flexibility to the choice of luminaires to fit many office areas
  • Future ready: scalable and ready to be connected to controls and lighting systems


  • Fully office compliant (UGR <19, L65< 3000cd/sm) , light level according to office applications requirements
  • Homogenous and uniform light effect
  • Integrated sensors
  • Various mounting options, dimensional variety and local options
  • Ready to be connected to software based lighting systems such as Interact Office


  • InterAct Office wired
  • InterAct Office wireless
  • SpaceWise


  • Office
  • Education
  • Healthcare

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